Samson C. Turtle

Samson C. Turtle

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Ethicool’s picture books for children aged 0-6yrs tackle the world’s big issues, inspiring kids to create positive change. Printed using recycled or sustainably-sourced papers and soy-based inks, they have been lovingly created to make story time not only special, but meaningful. Ethicool creates classic, heart-warming stories that contain the messages, inspiration and calls to action to inspire, ignite and amplify the young voices of the next generation, empowering them help change the world.


Join the wise and adorable Samson C. Turtle for an underwater adventure of the most important variety. Life in the ocean can be anxiety-inducing in more ways than one, but at a sprightly 102 years young, Samson C. Turtle has learnt a thing or two about how to manage fear and unease in the world around him. This visually stunning yet naturally calming book is perfect for any little one who has experienced anxiety and wants to understand how to best address it. 

Written by Clare Flory and illustrated by Lily Uivel


Themes: Anxiety, Fear, Calm

An excerpt from the story

Under the waves is where you will meet, Samson C. Turtle on Sea Turtle Street.
Samson was wise at one hundred and two, if there was a problem, he knew what to do.

Along came a whale with tears in his eyes, all of the fish were scared by his size.

“How can I stop feeling sad?” asked Whale.

Samson knew how with a flick of his tail.

Salt and seawater and into the blue, Samson C. Turtle knew just what to do! Close your eyes softly, breathe through your nose, fill up your lungs and wiggle your toes. Let out a breath and count one, two, three... 

Yippee! Whale was happy! 

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