Remembering Mother Nature

Remembering Mother Nature

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Ethicool’s picture books for children aged 0-6yrs tackle the world’s big issues, inspiring kids to create positive change. Printed using recycled or sustainably-sourced papers and soy-based inks, they have been lovingly created to make story time not only special, but meaningful. Ethicool creates classic, heart-warming stories that contain the messages, inspiration and calls to action to inspire, ignite and amplify the young voices of the next generation, empowering them help change the world.


A beautiful and heart-warming book about the importance of caring for nature and the world around us. In years gone by, our planet was full of so much colour and so much wonder. But recently, Mother Nature has started to feel a little tired and more than a little worried... 
Described as one of the most important children's books to be released this century, this uplifting, exuberant and empowering book encourages all little ones to do their bit to appreciate and help protect everything that makes our planet so special.  

Written by Stuart French and illustrated by Alvin Mulyono


Themes: Mother Nature, Sustainability, Deforestation

An excerpt from the story

There was once an old lady called Mother Nature. She lived in the mountains and she swam in the streams, and she brewed all the colours that I saw in my dreams.

She was tall and wide, and had trees for her thighs, and she listened and listened to the skies and the tide. She could jump between mountains and turn waterfalls to fountains, and she could swim in the sea much deeper than me.

She could run faster than leopards and protect sheep like the shepherds, and yet she cried like the tide as the planet died at her side.

She pleaded to the people to not litter the seas, and she asked them kindly to not fell the trees.

She shielded the animals from the hunters and thieves, and she begged them to leave the whales in the seas.

She soaked up the sun as its burning begun, and she tried and tried as her home slowly died.

But then YOU came running up by her side!

“Let’s save the planet!” you cried, as the animals cheered far and wide, and the trees stood up taller, side by side...