April's Window

April's Window

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Ethicool’s picture books for children aged 0-6yrs tackle the world’s big issues, inspiring kids to create positive change. Printed using recycled or sustainably-sourced papers and soy-based inks, they have been lovingly created to make story time not only special, but meaningful. Ethicool creates classic, heart-warming stories that contain the messages, inspiration and calls to action to inspire, ignite and amplify the young voices of the next generation, empowering them help change the world.


Wandering the deserted streets of her local town during the pandemic lockdown, April develops an unwavering curiosity for what is happening in the windows of her neighbouring homes. Windows to life and love, and windows to the soul are all revealed in this deeply poetic and moving book. April’s Window is a visual and literary masterpiece that will captivate readers of all ages.

Written by Georgina Le Flufy and illustrated by Francisco Fonseca


Themes: Curiosity, Pandemic, Essential Workers, Gratitude

An excerpt from the story

Square window, wide window, window up high.

My window, your window, windows with blinds.


Windows with curtains and windows with lights,

Windows with sleeping cats curled up inside.


Windows where people are watering plants,

Windows where people are learning to dance,


Learning to sew, learning to cook, falling

In love with the words of a book. The sounds


Of a song that float through

the air, the smell of people

cooking in homes everywhere...

Why do we need a kids’ book about curiosity?

To be curious is to grow, to learn, to be inspired; to never understand the feelings of boredom or idle-mindedness. This is the world of the child, and curiosity is its lifeblood. To enrich the life of children is to fuel and ignite their curiosity in every single facet of the world around them.

April's Window was written to do just this. There is not a child that has read this story and walked away without questions and intrigue at the pictures they explored and the words that so poetically adorned them.

This gorgeous picture book about curiosity strikes right into the heart of what Ethicool Books does best: crafting kids' books that change the world.